Board Minutes April 2010

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EBC Board Meeting Minutes for April 2010 (actually held March 31, 2010)

Call to Order 6:15pm

In attendance: Erich Welz, Neil Carey, Keith Hallgren, Jason Ponto, Chris Chan, Michael Janz, Lauren Price, Derek Pluim, Adam (guest), other guest?

Old Business:

- The Board moved to donate the original amount of $4000 budgeted to Bikeology

Action Items Review: We adopted the minutes for February’s meeting but still need to adopt March 5th meeting minutes because they were not posted on Wave for people to view Lauren, Michael and Chris still need to get together to work on the volunteer process overhaul. Momentum Magazine- Neil and Derek moved to spend $400 per year for 6 issues. They will investigate the ability to get more in June for Bikeology Edmonton Earth Day- requested EBC donates a bike to raffle off. Board moved to provide a year membership and a $100 gift certificate to be used toward the purchase of a bike, shop time and/or used parts (excludes new parts). Derek will create the guidelines for this to be presented with the gift certificate

Advocacy Committee (Michael Janz) Michael Janz discussed the Bike Friendly Business Award.

Bike Rental Program- there was some discussion about whether or not we need to set aside bikes for this or sell them. It was ultimately decided that we should ensure that a small fleet of bikes is set aside for this program. We will defer any more discussion about this until we hear about the MEC grant that we applied for to start up the program. If we go ahead with the Bike Rental Program Michael will let hostels, residences and ECOS (at the U of A) know about it.

EBC Courses- currently they are free for members and $5 for members. There was a long discussion about how to price them and everyone agreed on raising the prices in order to offer incentive to people conducting the courses and to recover the costs of materials. Starting May 1st courses will be $10 for members and $20 for non-members plus materials (moved by Michael, seconded by Erich). We should put out a call on the website for volunteers who are interested in teaching courses and also for the public to request specific courses they are interested in. There was more discussion about charging more for courses requiring more instructors (perhaps 3 price tiers). This discussion item was sent to the BikeWorks Committee.

Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) – Michael Janz We discussed the possible relationship between EBC and the EFCL to promote cycling and increase membership. One suggestion was to have a Community League Day (example, Mondays) where they would get shop time at a member’s rate ($2/hr). Another idea was for board members to approach their community leagues to give a short talk about EBC and make that personal connection with EFCL. Lauren and Michael will look at preparing some talking points for the board members to use. The board ultimately granted Michael the power to come up with something suitable such as a Community League Day in moving forward with this relationship between the two organizations.

Dr. Bike Clinics- Chris Chan These bike clinics can be booked in England for a fee at events, etc. Chris was curious about using such a model for EBC. We could offer courses to groups as on site workshops. It was decided to table this issue until full time staff is hired who may take on this project.

CanBike there was a brief discussion about Canbike courses and if this is something that should be offered to Community Leagues. There was a consensus that more people who are able to teach Canbike 1 and 2 should do so in order to promote safe cycling and perhaps this can be done in partnership with community leagues?

Executive Director’s Report- Chris Chan

Alex’s contract- Proposal- extend his contact until the end of May at the current schedule in order to ensure a smooth transition of new staff members. Moved by Derek, 2nd by Chris.

Sponsorship and Fundraising report (Derek) There is a strong possibility for the EBC Bike to the Symphony event on June 1st tickets $25 per person. This will be a media stunt in order to promote cycling as a versatile mode of transportation for every day events- like dressing up and going to the symphony! More on this to come as plans are finalized.