Advocacy Committee Minutes August 2012

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Call to Order

Time: 7:15 pm Attendance: Duncan Kinney, Chris Chan, Conrad Nobert, David Hohm, Kristen Flath, Darcy Reynard, Martin Jagersand

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at BikeWorks South

   Chair: Chris Chan
   Minute-taker: Duncan Kinney


1. Presentation - So You Want To Be A Bike Advocate? Lessons from Velo- City 2012 by Chris Chan

Getting away from the imagery of cyclists as some kind of special breed. We want the infrastructure in place where being a cyclist is completely normal, where in fact the term cyclist doesn't really exist. People just use bikes like they use the sidewalk, drive a car or take the bus. Interesting fact, the higher the amount of average kilometers travelled by bike the safer it is to bike.

Create a Prezi or (slideshow) on road safety and tools for community leagues to slow down vehicles in their communities. This is for advocacy committee members to their own community leagues ie. Petitioning the city to drop the speed to 40 km/h - Which won't do much if you don't do... Road humps Traffic islands Greenways Chris and Duncan will work on it.

2. Position Statements - Policy We are looking draft teams to create, refine and develop position.

What's the process? Pick statements - Do research, find what works for Edmonton - Develop position based on that Small teams - confabs - Set a deadline The board has to ratify the statements

Looking statements on; a) helmets b) bike lanes c) bike boulevards d) truck guards e) sidewalk riding f) weather g) bike licenses h) Idaha stops i) visuals/photoshop work to show what bike infrastructure would look like in Edmonton j) budget/economic issues relating to the bike infrastructure k) better data

ACTION ITEM Create a thread on the advocacy google group - seed with existing statement if it exists - set out terms of reference; looking for something the board can ratify, need research to support assertions, create a deadline

3. Push for better cyclist data - Push for a bike barometer on High Level Bridge

Action item - Put publicly available data on the google group - If we write about the issue frame it as it being an issue about not good enough collection of publicly available data Do an introduction thread on the Google Group.