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This space will be for the policy itself, once we have one. For discussion/drafting click the "discussion" tab above.

Draft Policy Statement on cycling on sidewalks

  • Purpose: To clarify EBC's position to cyclists and members regarding the issue of cycling on sidewalks
  • Philosophy: To ensure that members and all cyclists are courteous and that interactions with pedestrians are as pleasant as possible
  • Statement: The Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society stands by the current City of Edmonton bylaw* in regards to cycling on sidewalks. We encourage our members and all cyclists with wheels over 50 centimeters in size to use the road when cycling.
  • Scope: This statement affects all pedestrians and cyclists
  • Scope of permissible exceptions: Sometimes cyclists will be forced to use the sidewalk. When and if this occurs we encourage our members and all cyclists to be courteous to other sidewalk users. Dismount and walk your bike. If you continue to ride please cycle at a reduced rate of speed and use audible warnings to let pedestrians know that you are coming.