2010-11 Information Management Committee

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Information Management

  • Chair: Chris Chan
  • James P
  • Brett R
  • Monica
  • Olivier
  • Axel

Wiki page: Information Management Committee

Topics of focus

  • membership database
  • maintain archives and file security
  • integration of website, google calendar/docs, facebook, twitter, other community calendars/social networks
  • wiki maintenance
  • migrate mailing list
  • point of sales

Terms of Reference

General Purpose

To manage the technical infrastructure for EBC, enabling non-technical users to fully-utilize our resources and manage information. This includes setting up and managing physical infrastructure at BikeWorks, managing the back end of our internet presence (e.g. setting up, configuring, designing and maintaining things, but not being responsible for actual content). Specific work includes:

  1. selecting and deploying new technology (hardware and software)
  2. analyzing online security
  3. ensuring EBC documents (both public and private) are organized and accessible
  4. maintaining BikeWorks computers
  5. setting up remote access for financials
  6. setting up an online payment system for memberships
  7. developing and deploying new point of sales system/membership database
  8. migrating primary EBC website to new platform (Wordpress)
  9. online event registration/payment
  10. selecting and configuring in-house newsletter software
  11. maintenance of Google and social media presence
  12. managing EBC e-mail accounts (aliases, groups, gmail, calendar)
  13. "subletting" space on webhost to generate revenue
  14. collecting digital images for EBC use
  15. maintaining websites (stolenbikes, brb, cycleedmonton, edmontonbikes, ghostbikes.org, bikecollectives.org)
  16. analyzing data (e.g. membership data, climate data)
  17. some amount of data entry
  18. monitoring and archiving media
  19. manage hosting and domain names
  20. developing new online resources (e.g. trail condition reporting service).
  21. Documenting where and how information is stored in the organization.
  22. Audit IPv6 compliance

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Level of Authority

  • Much of this committee's work is very public-facing, and may be the first interaction people have with EBC. Any major, public-facing changes, therefore (such as a website redesign) should be passed before the board for review, though decisions can be made by the committee without a board vote once a reasonable amount of time has been given for review (unless the board indicates otherwise during this review period).
  • Decisions involving a significant new financial cost or liability to EBC must first be recommended to the board for approval.
  • Decisions involving significant privacy or security concerns must also first be recommended to the board for approval.

Reporting Relationship

  • The chair of the committee shall submit written reports to the board prior to each board meeting.

Composition and Appointments

The chair will be selected by the board of directors based on open nominations. The chair may appoint anyone to the committee. The president and executive director are ex officio members.


At least once every 2 months.



$210/yr for hosting, $50/yr for domain names, $150/yr for infrastructure


Volunteers to do:

  • web development
  • systems analysis
  • data entry
  • IT support
  • statistics
  • security analysis

Support from the Treasurer and Secretary in ensuring digital copies of documents are properly archived, and that significant paper documents are digitized and/or copied to microfiche (where it is likely to be useful and reasonable).

Specific Annual Objectives

Reports and Target Dates

Review and Evaluation Process

Approval Date and Review Date

Meeting Minutes