You Can Ride 2: Learn-to-ride

You Can Ride 2

You Can Ride 2: Learn-to-ride is a free, accessible program that teaches children with special needs or coordination challenges how to ride a conventional two-wheeled bicycle. Since 2003, we have been working with families in the Edmonton area, and have a very high success rate.

We believe that all individuals should be given the opportunity to experience the joy of riding a bicycle. We aim to share ideas with parents and other professionals so that they may also learn and develop the skills to help children meet this goal.

You Can Ride 2: Learn-to-ride is a partnership between pediatric physiotherapists and occupational therapists and the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society. The collaboration and sharing of knowledge of professionals with a background working with children with special needs and individuals passionate about cycling has made this program the success it is today.

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