Temporary Event Bike Parking/Rack Rentals

EBC bike parking at Hawrelak Park

EBC has temporary, portable bike racks for rent. They are best for community events and festivals which want to encourage attendees to bike to the event. The racks are easy to transport, easy to set up, and one 2.85 meter rack can accommodate up to 7 bikes. Rack rentals are typically $10/rack per day (contact us for a quote for longer rentals). Each rack weighs 7.7kg. Delivery is not included, but may be negotiated.

These racks are also known as tri-racks or race racks.

Temporary racks holding 6-8 bikes have a footprint of 2.85m x 2.0m, and can be lined up end-to-end. They require an aisle of at least 1.5m between footprints (3.5m centre-to-centre).

Please contact [email protected] to book our temporary bike racks. Pick up and drop off the racks at our community bike shop, BikeWorks South.