Donations & Recycling

Financial donations

If you would like to contribute financially to EBC, please see our Donations page.

No dumping

Please do not dump your used bikes at BikeWorks outside of public hours. If you need to make special arrangements, please contact us first. Include a description of your donations (including make & model, and photo if possible).

Dumping bikes outside of our facility is an expensive drain on our resources: it costs us money and time and does not benefit the community, and is very unneighbourly.

Many other places also take unwanted bicycles: City of Edmonton Eco Stations accept bicycles (with or without tires) free of charge, Goodwill accepts bicycles in good condition for resale, and Sport Central accepts bicycles to be donated to the needy. For a full list, visit the City of Edmonton Reuse & Recycle Directory and search for “bicycle“.

Donations of bikes & parts

BikeWorks donations Donating used bikes and parts to EBC is a great way to support our work and to clear out your garage or basement at the same time.

BikeWorks North (9305 111 Ave) accepts donations of bicycles, bike parts, tires and accessories year-round during regular BikeWorks North hours of operation. Donations should be in good condition (old bikes are fine), and can be brought to our shop during open hours. We are not able to pick up donations. We reserve the right (at the volunteers’ discretion) to turn away donations.

BikeWorks South (8001 102 St) also accepts donations of bicycles, bike parts, tires and accessories year-round during regular BikeWorks South hours of operation. Due to space constraints, donations must be in good condition (old bikes are fine, as long as they are either complete or very good quality); we reserve the right (at the volunteers’ discretion) to turn away donations. You can e-mail us with a photo first if you are not sure. Donations can be brought to our shop during open hours. We are not able to pick up donations.


Please help us to be be a good neighbour and do not dump donations next to our property outside of operating hours, as this causes problems for our neighbours and can lead to theft.

Please note that we DO NOT:

  • have a pick-up service for donations
  • have the ability to offer tax deductible receipts for donated bicycles or parts
  • pay money for donations
  • trade or barter goods, services, or discounts in return for donations

Bikes that are in good working order will be checked by BikeWorks volunteers and adjusted as needed before being re-sold at affordable prices. Used parts and tires that are in good condition will be reused.

Youth bikes

Youth bikes and small adult bikes dropped off at BikeWorks North will be used for The Spoke, our youth earn-a-bike program. Children’s bikes are sold for $10 each, and we ensure accessibility for all families in need. Youth and childrens’ bikes can also be donated to Sports Central, though they often have more bikes than they can repair.


Very poor condition bicycles should be taken to the City of Edmonton Eco Station or a scrap metal recycler. If you’re not sure if the bikes or parts you have are reusable, please contact us or bring them by for our volunteers to assess. BikeWorks volunteers will check them out and make use of anything that we can. Any bikes, parts or tires that cannot be reused will be recycled on site rather than entering the waste stream. All donations to EBC are refurbished, reused, or recycled.

Since 2006, EBC has partnered with the Alberta Recycling Management Authority, Mountain Equipment Co-op, and a number of bike stores in Edmonton to collect and recycle old bicycle tires and inner tubes. This initiative removes bicycle rubber from the waste stream and integrates them into current tire recycling programs.

EBC recycles over 15,000 pounds of scrap metal and rubber each year, diverting it from landfill. This doesn’t even include the material that we reuse and refurbish!

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13 comments on “Donations & Recycling

  1. Mary [Likely posting from: Canada]

    I would like an 18-20″ bicycle for a husky 9 year old girl whose parents are in Edmonton on a foreign worker’s contract. Do you have anything available?

    1. Chris [Likely posting from: Canada] Post author

      Hi Mary,

      EBC sells used bicycles at BikeWorks North (9305 111 Ave, SW entrance) and BikeWorks South (8001 102 St). We can’t promise that we have any that fit you: you’ll have to physically go into our shop during our regular public shop hours to take a look, as our stock changes constantly (and is dependent on donations). You can buy bicycles that have already been rebuilt by our volunteer mechanics, generally for about $60-$140, or you can purchase a donated bike as-is (usually $40-$80) and work on it yourself, with our guidance. We also sell used parts and some new parts (tires, patch kits, freewheels, chains, brake pads, etc).

      We are generally pretty low on bikes for kids, unfortunately, but you are welcome to visit and take a look.

  2. Stephen Tran [Likely posting from: Vietnam]

    Don’t give away those old tubes… Too many ways to reuse them. They can make really good bar tape, hold trash bags in place on a trash basket, if they are really shot sometimes I cut them up for spare pieces of rubber. These can, among other things, help give a clamp on light extra grip.

    1. Kreisha ORO [Likely posting from: Canada]

      Thanks Stephen Tran! – I like the idea of reusing old bike tire tubes for extra grips and holding trash bags in place…I have a small women’s/young teen sized Single Track Trek 930 XC that needs new tires I think, and a serious tune up..I know nothing about bike maintenance or repair though..Could I come in to learn how to repair it, but then also possibly donate it? I had a lot of fun riding this bike, and would love to see another young or small woman enjoy the same benefit!

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