People have called me many names over the course of my life and most of them have been positive and for a very long time I have been “the bike guy” or “the old bike guy” and someone once called me a “raving bike fiend” because of my passion for building and riding bicycles.

I was recently married to the love of my life and have two beautiful daughters who I share custody of… we are a family of car free cyclists although the girls do not ride through the winter as I do and have yet to see how my wife will adapt to living in a much colder and snowier climate.

We share our home and our lives with one Shih Tzu (Bijoux), a big assed cat (Thunderhead), and most recently added a pair of Indian Ring Necked Parrots (Lucce and Amore).

After a serious back injury 4 years ago I thought that I might never be able to ride a bicycle again and although I still have trouble walking and standing for any length of time, cycling has been very positive in helping me rehabilitate the mind and body.

I support cycling in all it’s forms and believe that most people would benefit if they decided to make cycling part of their daily life… and you don’t have to be old or a fiend to do this.

Keep the shiny side up.


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