Edmonton’s newest bike shop, Mike’s Bikes, opened its doors to its Whyte Ave location in March 2013! Mike offers a 10% discount on all bike parts to EBC members, as a trial program for the first season in business!

The shop is geared (pun intended) towards bicycle commuters, and to advancing the cause of making Edmonton the most bike-friendly city it can be. The shop features cruisers, comfort bikes, fixies as well as hybrids and even 29ers, by bike brands such as Felt, Raleigh, Diamondback and PureFix, and offers full maintenance service to the public with a 24h turnaround time on tune-ups, at a rate that matches other local bike shops, or for EBC members only, at a reduced early-bird rate, by appointment only.

Mike’s Bikes has a number of positions to fill for experienced bicycle mechanics and salespeople with a background in bikes, as well as a passion for people. If that sounds like you, and to inquire about the early bird special, send an e-mail.


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  1. Ali [Likely posting from: Canada]

    I took a small bmx bike to this store just to get a the pedals and handle bars assembled. This dumbass told me he would charge me $30 for both parts, but after he finished he asked for another 27 bucks out of no where. Never coming back to this place and wouldn’t recommend it. Never let these people touch your bike without confirming how much they actually want. Sad to see these people take advantage of customers like that.smh

    1. DW [Likely posting from: Canada]

      I think that this whole “community advertising” thing is a marketing ploy and it’s all, really, about the money. I’ll say if I had a store I would’ve installed the pedals for what you could afford. $90 seems very high even for on-the-spot completion. Next time bring it to the EBC and they’ll help you do it for $3-$5.

      1. Mike [Likely posting from: Canada]

        Hi DW, not sure how to reply to your comment on community advertising, since as much as I’m passionate about bikes, and I share EBC’s mission to increase cycling awareness, advocate for a more bike-friendly Edmonton, and get people out riding their bikes, I will never claim to be anything but a business looking to make rent for the month, with hopefully enough left over to feed myself and my cat ;) If I was really all about the money, I would have taken the advice of every independent bike shop owner I have talked to, and not opened a bike shop at all. Like many small bike shop owners, I have opted to not pay myself from the shop this first season; I do this because I enjoy doing it, certainly not for the money.

        As far as what I charge, you’ll find that my rates match United’s and RedBike’s verbatim, since that’s where I got my rates from, the only difference being that I’ve named my tune-up packages differently than theirs. The other considerable difference between myself and other shops is that I don’t make you wait 3 weeks to get your bike back, which I could charge extra for, but I’ve chosen not to. I’m not out to gouge anyone, only to charge a fair price for solid work.

  2. Mike [Likely posting from: Canada]

    Yikes, no disrespect was intended, and I regret that you had a negative experience at the shop. I wanted to make sure I was clear every step of the way what my labour rates were, and that they matched United’s pretty much verbatim, the difference being that I was able to get the work done for you while you waited in the shop, as opposed to 3 weeks in the case of other bike shops in town. I apologize for the confusion, but it’s unfair to say I took advantage of you, when I was clear about what my rates were for different jobs, and you told me what you wanted done and what you didn’t. I like to think I deal respectfully with my customers, and I like getting treated respectfully in return. Call me old-fashioned, but engaging in anonymous name-calling on the internet, not the most respectful thing to do. It’s nice to be nice, you know?

  3. Lesley [Likely posting from: Canada]

    I love Mike’s Bikes! I recently recieved an old but funky bike that needed some love. I took it to United Cycle….. meh they were not interested in paying any attention to it or me… I took it to Red Bike they were ok, gave me a quote of upwards of $400 not including the grips and said they could get to it in three weeks. My friend drew my attendtion to Mike’s and Wowzers! We stopped in with it and he was ready to take it immediatly and has a 24 hour turn over! Um… that it fantastic! He did everything and more and was enthusiastic to be working on it. The total cost came in under the other quotes, the work was awsome and super speedy and now it is a week later and I have already been out enjoying my new bike. Thank you Mike for your awesome service! Highly, highly recommended!

    1. Mike [Likely posting from: Canada]

      Lesley! Thank you! I was just thinking, I hope it won’t be only people who don’t like my price list who post on here, so I’m certainly thankful that you took the time to spread the good word! I love putting cool old bikes back on the road, and it was a pleasure to work on your bike, wishing the two of you many happy miles together!

  4. Dylan [Likely posting from: Canada]

    I was just wondering if you sold the purefix kilo glow bike at your store. I tried to look into the stores in Edmonton area that did, and your store was the only one that showed up that even sold pure fix bikes.

  5. Joseph Kellermann [Likely posting from: Canada]

    I purchased a Felt street bike several months ago at Mike’s Shop. I love it. Great service, non pressure salesmanship. He directs you to the best you want and your need. He even traded in my old bike. Great guy he is with knowlidge with bikes instead of upselling stuff you wont need like other stores. If you want cheap low quality bike go to big stores. In my opinion if you buy a great quality bike even more expensive, but you love that thing and u will regularly use it because it is comfy and just good, instead of buy a cheap one use it once or twice and never again ……….if u can afford it go for it. Or buy a cheap one and accept what you paid for. Mike has decent prices, soon going for a bike to him for my wife…

  6. Rod [Likely posting from: United States]

    Mike loves Bikes… and I love Mike’s Bikes.

    Last season, I decided to take a chance on a newly opened LBS in my neighbourhood, and I am extremely happy that I did. Since that day, I have dealt with Mike’s Bikes in many different situations, from buying a compete bicycle for my fiancee, to having new wheels built for my own ride, to getting the shop involved in a complete teardown& rebuild of a vintage tandem. In all cases, I have been nothing short of “comepletely pleased”. The service, the quality of work, the willingness to tolerate my ridiculous expectations and timelines, they have all exceeded my expectations.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mike’s Bikes to anyone. I know I will be back…

  7. Lyle syroid [Likely posting from: Canada]

    I am fussy about who works on my recumbent trike. Mike and his staff gave me a good assessment on my components and fixed two items for a very reasonable price. My thoughts about Mike is he is more like an old world craftsman with pride in his work.

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