Bikes on Transit

Bus bike rack by BykRak

Visit Edmonton Transit’s Bikes on ETS page for more information on taking bicycles on transit.

LRT Extension

EBC is actively advocating for LRT expansion to include dedicated cycling infrastructure following the route where possible, as well as full-time access (with priority to people without bikes when train cars are full) for bikes on the new low-floor LRT vehicles.

Bikes on Buses

Did you know that, in part thanks to EBC, all city bus routes are equipped with bike racks, and your bike rides free?

As of 2014, all full-size and articulated buses are equipped with bike racks. Previously, bike racks had only been available on select routes (beginning in 1996, thanks to EBC’s grant-funded purchase and donation of several racks).

In 2012, representatives from EBC met with ETS to test and provide feedback on potential new bus bike rack designs by Byk-Rak. The new design will fit a greater variety of bikes than the previous bike racks.

Bikes on LRT

Outside of the peak hours indicated below, cyclists can travel with their bicycles in any direction on the LRT. There are no hourly restrictions for bicycles on Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays.

Monday to Friday:
7:30am to 9am – no bicycles
4pm to 5:30pm – no bicycles

Bicycle Parking at ETS Facilities

ETS trialled bike lockers at South Campus LRT, but have discontinued their use. There is currently no secure bicycle parking at ETS.


The expansion of the Bikes on Buses Program in 2002 was made possible by the generous donation of 23 bicycle racks from the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society. Alberta Ecotrust, Environment Canada and Health Canada provided funding to EBC. This provided ETS with an excellent opportunity to expand the Bikes on Buses to a good east/west connection for cyclists – Routes 1 and 4. The Bikes on Buses program started on the Route 9 in 1996, which provides a good north/south connection for cyclists. The program was initiated with assistance from Councillor Tooker Gomberg.

The Bikes on Buses project has been made possible by the hard work of:

  • Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society (EBC) staff and volunteers
  • the generosity of Alberta Ecotrust, for the purchase of bike racks
  • the City of Edmonton Transportation and Streets Department, Edmonton Transit Branch, for the suggestion, the in kind contributions, the donation of prompts (example, bus tickets), installation of the racks and the advertising campaign
  • Community Animation Program (CAP) grant, for funding of community based promotional activities

2 comments on “Bikes on Transit

    1. Chris [Likely posting from: Canada] Post author

      At the time we tested these racks (2012), fat bikes were still very rare. 27.5 bikes were mostly non-existent, and 29ers were also still very rare in commuter bikes. For the testing, we invited people to bring their bikes with their largest and their smallest wheels so we could test; I believe the largest tires we tested with were about 2.5″. Since then, the markets have shifted quite dramatically, so there are many more wider-tired bikes now. Still, the majority of bikes on the road will fit these racks.

      Bikes with 3″+ wide tires likely won’t fit, unfortunately.

      Additionally, we’ll have to check with the City to find out if there are any of the old-style racks still in service, as if you come across any of those ones, they are even narrower than the current model, and will only barely fit a 2.3″ tire.

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