The Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society is a non-profit society that thrives on support from the community.


Complete Streets Strathcona (CSS) was a working group composed of members of the Old Strathcona Business Association, Strathcona Centre Community League, University of Alberta students and staff, and other community residents, as well as interested stakeholders and the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society.

CSS advocated for safe and comfortable bicycling infrastructure in Old Strathcona. (read more…) »

Ghost Bikes, bicycles painted all-white and placed at the site where a person riding a bike has been killed, are small and sombre memorials for people killed by automobiles. The installations are meant as reminders of the tragedy that took place, and as quiet statements in support of the right of all people to safe travel. (read more…) »

EBC has a long history of advocating to make it easier and safer to get around by bicycle in Edmonton. Our efforts have resulted in real improvements for those that wish to cycle in Edmonton, as well as all road users. We continue to work closely with City of Edmonton planners and councillors in the implementation of the Bicycle Transportation Plan, and work on issues on behalf of cyclists and active transportation. (read more…) »