It has been a dream working with the EBC crew for the past two years. So many inspiring people, creative projects, dedicated volunteers, spontaneous bike rides, and meaningful connections to other organizations and people making the city more accessible and fun.

As EBC prepares for it’s exciting expansion this spring, it’s time to find someone who can take the lead! (read more…) »

EBC is very pleased to announce that long-time plans for a second BikeWorks community bike shop are now becoming a reality.

An excellent space at 9305-111 Avenue has been acquired and work is set to start in February in preparation for the April grand opening. The second shop, BikeWorks North, will bring the valuable services offered by EBC north of the river. (read more…) »

In solidarity with Wikipedia, reddit, Google and many other websites, the EBC website was blacked out on January 18, 2012 from approximately 6:00am through 6:00pm MST (1300-0100 UTC). EBC otherwise operated normally during that time.

The action was in protest of two proposed bills, Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA), which are working their way through Congress in the United States. (read more…) »

Off hours stand

Off hours stand

BikeWorks now has a basic repair stand complete with a pump and essential tools that will be located outside of our gate and available 24 hours a day! So if you’re a little low on air and the shop is closed, you can still swing by and pump your ride.