The TSA and its associated regulations govern cyclists’ use of highways in Alberta.

It applies, in general, to highways, which are defined as:

(p) “highway” means any thoroughfare, street, road, trail, avenue, parkway, driveway, viaduct, lane, alley, square, bridge, causeway, trestleway or other place or any part of any of them, whether publicly or privately owned, that the public is ordinarily entitled or permitted to use for the passage or parking of vehicles and includes

  1. a sidewalk, including a boulevard adjacent to the sidewalk,
  2. if a ditch lies adjacent to and parallel with the roadway, the ditch, and
  3. if a highway right of way is contained between fences or between a fence and one side of the roadway, all the land between the fences, or all the land between the fence and the edge of the roadway, as the case may be,

but does not include a place declared by regulation not to be a highway;


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    1. Chris [Likely posting from: Canada] Post author

      Thanks for pointing that out. The Alberta Government’s website regularly breaks links. :(

      We’ve updated the link so hopefully it works again.

      The TSA is a bit different from the Use of Highway regulation, which is the main portion of regulations that support the legislation (the Act) by detailing how it is enforced.

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