The Edmonton Bike Swap, a non-profit annual one day bike buy & sell, is happening Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 11415 168 Street NW).

Please note the new location as the original venue of Northlands has become a reception centre for wildfire evacuees.

Additionally, the Edmonton Bike Swap will be accepting gently used bicycles for a special collection for those affected by the Fort McMurray wildfiers. During the intake period (8am-2pm), technicians will perform mechanical checks and reconditioning of donated bikes, and the swap will accept donations to help support those repairs. A separate area will be available during the sales period (2:30pm-4pm) for residents from Fort McMurray with valid ID to pick up a FREE youth bike for their child.

Bring your bike to sell it. Or come buy a bike if you don’t have one! Or both.

All bikes in the swap should be able to be safely ridden away, so they will be checked by the swap’s volunteer mechanics for safety.


Bike sales runs from 2:30pm – 4pm. Admission is $2 per person, children 12 and under are free.

You don’t need to sell a bike to buy a bike. Sales are by cash or debit (no credit, sorry).

The line-up to buy starts when we’re setting up racks at 0730 in the morning in Calgary and Edmonton. If you want first dibs on a bike, please consider volunteering, rather than lining up.

Edmonton Bike Swap


Bike intake is from 8am – 2pm.

Sellers pay a $15 racking fee for each bike on-entry, and then an additional 12% if their bike sells. Show your AMA card to save $5.00 per bike off the rack fee.

The racking fee is due at drop-off time. You set the price for your bike. Alberta Bike Swap handles everything else: the mechanical checks, questions from the public, sales transaction, etc., and mails you a cheque after the event. Bikes are sold by consignment: once you have dropped off your bike, you do not have to remain present to sell your bike.

It costs Alberta Bike Swap about $38.00 per bike before it gets on the rack. That’s why we have selling fees. Any bike brought to the swap should be ready to ride away when it is bought. Bikes must be worth a minimum of $50 and pass our basic tech check. If your bike doesn’t make it into the swap, we’ll accept it as a donation to the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society community bike shops, BikeWorks.

90% of bikes sell. In the rare chance yours doesn’t, we’ll call at 4pm and let you know to pick it up. Please ensure that you are available if you wish to keep your unsold bike, unsold bikes must be picked up by 5pm. Any bikes that aren’t picked up will be donated to the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society (EBC). EBC appreciates these donations, and will ensure that your bike finds a new home, so you are welcome to simply leave your bike for EBC.


  1. You price your bike to sell for $400.00
  2. You drop off your bike any time between 8-2pm and pay the racking fee of $15
  3. You leave and go enjoy the rest of your day (if you want)
  4. We sell your bike for $400
  5. We mail you a cheque for $350.00. Sweet.

Alberta Bike Swap racks

About the swap

More details about the swap, including what happens if your bike doesn’t sell, fees, etc. are available on the Edmonton Bike Swap website and the Alberta Bike Swap FAQ.

The Edmonton Bike Swap is presented by the non-profit Alberta Bike Swap Ltd., where 50% of the proceeds go to support cycling based initiatives in transportation, health, and recreation, including significant support for EBC. (The rest is used to fund the event.)

The Alberta Bike Swap needs volunteers for this event. You don’t need any bike knowledge to help out (we have positions for everyone). If you’re able to volunteer, please sign up. You’ll also get first pick & purchase privileges.

Alberta Bike Swap is a registered non-profit. Its goals are to:

  • Give used bike sellers a safe and convenient venue for access to thousands of buyers
  • Give used bike buyers access to hundreds of safe bikes in one visit
  • Bikes purchased can be safely ridden away from the swap
  • Generate some funds to support local safe cycling initiatives

To volunteer, please sign-up here.


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