Sarah Harold, Vice President and Member of HR and Strategic Planning Committees

Sarah joined the EBC board in December 2012. In the past, she has helped with planning and executing board orientations, the Alberta Bicycle Commuters Conference, and a volunteer appreciation celebration. She has also served on the BWS property search committee.

“I currently work at MEC. You can find me on the floor, at cash or hiding in the bike shop learning and practicing my bike-building skills!

I’ve been blessed enough to enjoy a few tours: Sunshine Coast, Vancouver to Ontario, and throughout southern Ontario—my home region. There’s nothing like experiencing a city by bicycle (or other means of active transportation), and I hope that one day the City of Edmonton will be a safe, people-centric city with a focus on education and inclusion for all road users. I’m a fair-weather rider, and due to some health complications I don’t ride as much as I’d like to. When I do get out, I ride Mary—my late ’80s steel frame Kuwahara touring bike.”