Leila Sidi, President and Member of HR and Strategic Planning Committees

Prior to joining EBC’s board in December 2012, Leila served as a long-time EBC volunteer mechanic, a paid mechanic on Women and Trans Days, one of the artists in residence at EBC in 2010, and a member of the BikeWorks committee in 2010. Leila works in palliative care, and likes to build everything from lamps to cat trees.

“I first came to EBC as a patron in 2005 to fix a bike that had been sitting outside a barn for many years. I had to fix and re-fix and replace so many things on that bike that it taught me how to be a pretty decent mechanic. Then people started asking me questions about their bikes and that is how I became a mechanic at EBC. The power of skill-sharing is something really beautiful. I learned later that actually I am a third-generation bike mechanic after my father and grandfather.

I ride tiny Fiore frame, black with chrome fork, that I found at ebc. I have replaced every part on that bike several times so I don’t remember what’s on it now. Almost entirely salvaged parts from EBC. The first wheel I ever built is part of that bike. During the winter, it is equipped with a studded tire on the front wheel that I made at a workshop at EBC.”