Kristen Flath, Director of Policy

After volunteering in EBC’s shops sporadically and attempting to improve her “incredibly poor mechanical skills” (her words), Kristen found a better fit for putting her skills to use for the organization when she joined EBC’s board in July 2013. Prior to that, she had also been involved with a transportation advisory board with the City of Ottawa. Kristen currently works in student services at NAIT as the Manager of Student Engagement and Academic Support Services.

“Cycling used to be my least favourite of the three triathlon sports until I (a) discovered the joys of cycling Edmonton’s river valley, and (b) bought a bike that I loved to ride. Now, the longer the ride, the better.

Harriette is my old brown three-speed that takes me toddling around the city. I tried to tie a flower on the front but alas, it was stolen. She doesn’t get quite as much love as my cyclocross, and there are some jealousy issues, but we get through it.”