Douglas Logan, Member of Strategic Planning and Policy Committees

Doug joined the EBC board in December 2013. In the past, he has worked with The Otesha Project, volunteering for two 2-month cycling tours while performing social justice/environmental theatre for youth, and was the main organizer for one of those tours. He has also volunteered with Two Wheel View, Good Life, PEDAL, and EBC as a bike mechanic. Doug independently organized a bike trip across Canada, laying groundwork enough for 9 people to eventually join up with him. He now works as a letter carrier for Canada Post.

“I’ve toured all over Canada, having cycled in every province save Newfoundland. I’ve seen some great infrastructure backed by positive cycling cultures and supportive communities. I envision for Edmonton a safe, practical, and accessible city. This means safe, practical and connected infrastructure for active transportation, access to supportive communities and organizations to help people get and stay active, and a city welcome to outsiders looking to explore the beauty and culture Edmonton has to offer.

I love to tour, and for me that means a steel frame. I currently ride a mid-nineties steel touring bike, drop bars and both front and rear racks. I can’t say I have anything too fancy on my bike; I think more importantly is the work that goes into the bike building confidence to ride it and the pride of independence. I’ve done about 10,000 km throughout Canada in my tours, and looking forward to many more to come. Do I ride in the winter? I would love to, and am saving up some money to fix up an old bike to winter quality, along with some gear to make it safe and practical.”