Derek Yau, Member of Advocacy Committee

Derek is brand new to Edmonton, but prior to joining EBC’s board in January 2014, he served as a member of the board of directors with Bike Regina in 2013, where his specialties were cycling advocacy, community-building, and the fostering of partnerships with local bike-friendly businesses and non-profit organizations. Previous to Regina, he was an active volunteer with HUB in Vancouver—where he is originally from—for bi-annual Bike-to-Work festivities and various bike valet events.

Derek is a professional engineer with the City of Edmonton’s Transportation Planning department, where he reviews subdivision and development designs and applications to ensure compliance with approved City standards and plans in effect (e.g., Neighbourhood Structure Plans, Area Structure Plans, etc.).

“My most memorable moments in life usually involve bikes. When I was in Laos in 2013 with a friend, we decided to rent bikes to more efficiently explore the city we were staying in. We decided on a complete whim to bike through the nearby rural area to visit a collection of waterfalls and natural pools. What we thought would be a pleasant jaunt through the Laotian countryside turned into a grueling 60-km round trip over mountainous terrain—which included a small mountain pass, no less—on single-speed, uncomfortable, cruiser bikes. At least the road was paved. Despite the pain in our legs and gallons of sweat perspired in the hot, jungle heat, this spur-of-the-moment trip will probably will remain one of the highlights of my worldly travels and of my life for many, many years to come. I now make it a point to get on a bike wherever I travel! Adventure awaits us all!

My bikes are pretty standard with few bells and whistles. When there is snow on the ground, I ride an old 2007 Kona Dew hybrid bike with studded tires. The rest of the time, I ride a 2013 Globe Daily 2 city bike—a mostly-upright bike that fits perfectly with my lifestyle and riding philosophy. The bike is “old fashioned blue” and his name is Bert.”