Bernadette Blakey, Member of Policy and Strategic Planning Committees

Bernadette is the longest-standing member of the current board, having joined in September 2010. She volunteered in the shop for a while, helping as a mechanic, but, like many other directors, decided that she had skills more suited for organizing rather than wrenching. In previous years, she has served on the Inclusion Committee and the Advocacy Committee. Bernadette works as an outreach educator at the TELUS World of Science, presenting science education programs in schools all over Alberta.

“All my bikes have names. My folding bike is named Mystique, my road bike is Jake, my commuter bike is Jasper, and my winter bike is Yeti. Some of them were easy to name, and some took a while to figure out the name.

In the summer, I like to switch between my Kona Jake road bike and my Brompton. In the winter, I ride my Rocky Mountain bike. I wouldn’t say I’m a year-round rider; I tend to quit when it’s too icy and I’ve wiped out a few times.

I also like to participate in the MS Bike Tour. I’d like to get into more touring and bike camping.”