Caylie Gnyra, Director of Strategic Planning and Member of Policy Committee

Although Caylie joined the board in July 2013, her first involvement with EBC was in 2010, when now-president Leila Sidi helped her build up a fixed-gear on an old Raleigh frame during a couple of Women and Trans Days. Caylie also volunteered a bit with the Bamboo Bike Studio in Brooklyn after building a bike there in the summer of 2010. Her work life is a bit of a mystery, but she seems to pay her bills by taking on work as an instructor, researcher, writer, illustrator, exhibit designer, etc.

“I’m a fair-weather rider whose favourite thing to do on a bike is explore big cities. I mostly end up renting bikes in other cities, rather than bringing my own, so I prefer to rent the lowest-weight commuter-/hybrid-style bike I can find. My bikes at home are all single-speeds, but with the help of BWN volunteers, I just finished building up a little brown Raleigh 3-speed, which I hope will help me tackle the river valley a little better.”